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Friday, September 12, 2014

Actual Stats on the Back: 1982 Fleer

This is Part 2 of Actual Stats on the Back. The Fleer company comes back for the 1982 edition. Let's take a look!

1982 Fleer #416 Hal McRae

Blog Flashback: I featured this card's front way back in the first month on this blog in 2008.

What's the Same From 1981: 
1. MAJOR & MINOR LEAGUE RECORD. McRae has been in the Bigs too long for any Minor League data to show. I do wonder if it says "complete" if in fact all years fit on the back. (I did a quick check on the interwebs and the answer is no)
2. HIGLIGHTER YELLOW. And more of it. I can only assume they got a good deal at Costco for yellow ink and were determined to use it all.
3. GENERAL FORMAT. Name, Position at top. Same 12 stats in the middle. Generic profile data for those stalker inclined fans.
4. PCT.  ?????  Still ugh!

Same but Different:
1. 2 CIRCLES. One has the card # (Badly Off Center), the other has TEAM LOGO. I consider the team logo an almost MUST for baseball cards. Sure wish it was on the front.
2. ML AVG. Moved from right circle to the middle. Still LAME.

CANARY BLUE. Reminds me of some sweet throwback Expos, Royals, Phillies, Braves, etc uniforms. The blue improves the look of the back quite a bit.

Still no Wikipedia-esque factoids from Fleer. See you in 1983.


night owl said...

One of these days I'm going to figure out why that blue-yellow combination has bothered me from the very first time I pulled an '82 Fleer from a pack. Always thought it was ugly.

Unknown said...

All this talk about Hal McRae reminds me of a priceless video.