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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Listen to What I'm Saying to You!

"How the BLEEP am I supposed to catch a BLEEPING ball with this BLEEPING glove? There is a BLEEPING hole in the BLEEPING glove! Can you believe this BLEEP? BLEEPING BLEEP! The BLEEPING ball will fit through the BLEEPING hole! What the BLEEP happened to it? BLEEP! Do you see the BLEEPING hole? It's the size of the BLEEPING ball! Holy BLEEP! I can play any BLEEPING position you want me to. I played every BLEEPING one in a BLEEPING game in 19-BLEEPING-68. But don't be BLEEPING complaining when I don't catch the BLEEPING ball. BLEEP, the BLEEPING glove is BLEEPING got a BLEEPING hole in it. Anybody can BLEEPING see that. I'm must be going BEEPING crazy! BLEEP!"

I hope Cesar Tovar sounded like a Venezuelan Samuel L. Jackson!


Unknown said...

I can't think of one BLEEPING thing to say about this post.

jacobmrley said...

Enough is enough! I have it with these MFing holes in this MFing glove!

Works for me.

jeff said...

My favorite blog yet!