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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Actual Stats on the Back: 1981 Fleer

This is a series of posts I thought of soon after I started the blog back in 2008, bu never got around to. With a name like Stats on the Back, it seems only right that I post about all those numbers on the back of baseball cards. I am choosing Fleer because they were my favorite card backs for reasons I'll share throughout these posts. I'll start with Fleer's return to cards in 1981 and end with the beginnings of mt first breakup with collecting in 1991 (No, it wasn't the yellow cards' fault).

1981 Fleer #34 UL Washington

The Good:
1. COMPLETE MAJOR AND MINOR LEAGUE BATTING RECORD. I like seeing all the minor league stats. UL was pretty much the same player in the minors as he was in the majors. I'm sure he used a toothpick on the field in San Jose just like he did in K.C.
2. EASY TO READ. Black on white makes every number clear.

The Bad:
1. ML AVG CIRCLE. I get that this cannot be card number .265 but it does take a place traditionally for the card number. This is card #34. Why use the career average? I realize that Bill James was still writing in his basement at his parent's house in 1981 but come on, Fleer.
2. BLANK SPACE. Luckily, UL had enjoyed 10 years in professional baseball or that blank space at the bottom could have taken over back there. I don't want my cards pointlessly filled but I do enjoy the occasional tidbit or statistical nugget.
3. HIGHLIGHTER YELLOW. Is this 1981 or 1991?

The Ugly:
PCT. ?????????? Fleer, you got it correct in your ridiculous AVG Circle and then you go and do this! What dos this stand for? Batting Percentage? As self-proclaimed stathead, this hurts my feelings.

Something New I Learned About UL Washington:
Not a whole lot of extra info in 1981. He was a switch hitter from Oklahoma!


Unknown said...

Wait, you eschew Bojangles' Supremes, but you'll consume "statistical nuggets?" Shenanigans

Unknown said...

It would have been nice to learn what the U and the L stand for.

Anonymous said...

Jay - I don't allow the word "eschew" on my blog.

Chris - I looked it up. It doesn't stand for anything. His given name is UL. Crazy!

Funny Baseball Cards said...

U L is actually his name. His parents named him Euwel or somesuch and the person filling out his birth certificate failed, so they just went with it.

Anyway, cool site! I added you to my blogroll thingy: