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Monday, September 15, 2014

Actual Stats on the Back: 1983 Fleer

1983 Fleer #507 Ryne Sandberg

The last drops of the Highlighter Yellow was used, the Canary Blue was obviously too expensive. So Fleer went with BROWN. Actually,  2 shades of brown! Don't get me wrong, my favorite color is brown. I love brown shoes and pants, brown cars, and I miss the light brown M&M's every time I eat them. But brown is not the ideal choice for the front or back of a baseball card.

How do you include more years of Stats on the Back? Easy! Make the card back vertical. I still remember seeing cards of Major League Veterans like Carl Yastrzemski with stats from the top of the card to the bottom starting with 1983 Fleer. Awesome.

If there aren't enough Stats for the Back, then how about an interesting tidbit? Don't mind if I do.
Did I know?...
Sandberg was a record-setting QB in West Virginia? Nope.
Ryno was traded with Bowa for DeJesus? Yep.

Did you know?...
Sandberg won 9 consecutive gold gloves?
Gold gloves are probably the most meaningless award ever given?

1971 Topps was the first set to include player photos on the backs of the cards. Topps wouldn't try such a stunt again until 1993. Fleer steps in and fills the giant card-back-photo-sized hole for all us kids of the 1980's. Thanks Fleer!

1. Pct. - Again?
2. 12 Stats - Are there any others?
3. Why trade Sandberg to the Cubs? - Mike Schmidt at 3B, Manny Trillo at 2B. No room in Philly, future HOFamer!


Fuji said...

Great "card back" review!

I'm one of the 1%ers who actually like the 1983 Fleer baseball set design... and their decision to go with brown.

Jeff said...

That's a typo. Sandberg was a prep in Washington.

night owl said...

Typos in Fleer? No way.

Adam Kaningher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adam Kaningher said...

Light brown M&Ms? That takes me back.